Program Details

Each class will follow the outline below, personalized to each student based on their desired design.

Through sketching, learning about fabric and trims, making a pattern and sewing one's own design, SKETCH, PATTERN, SEW teaches young designers how to translate their ideas into real clothes.

Two at-home assignments will precede four socially distanced in-studio classes (2hrs) to complete patterns and sew the student's dream design. 

4 available classes, 1-2 students per class. Class times will determined upon registration. 




  1. Front and Back technical sketches of your proposed design. Technical sketches are the black and white line sketches with construction details noted only. You should include dart lines, seam lines, stitch lines, etc. Any design details used in the construction of garment. You may use arrows and text to further explain elements of your design.
  2. Rendered sketch of your design accompanied with magazine/internet images to support/describe your idea. A fully rendered sketch means it is coloured in with marker or coloured pencil to show the materials you intend to use and the overall desired final look of the garment.
  3. Detailed list of materials required submitted with sketches including final fabric, substitute fabric for initial sample (cheaper, but similar hand feel to final fabric), elastic, bra hooks, bra straps, etc. Estimate the amount of each material you will require. (I will review and approve your materials list before you go shopping.)
  4. Project is sent via email to instructor.



  1. Using approved list of materials submitted in Project 1, source materials for your project at local stores.
  2. Purchase materials to bring to first class.



Class 1: 
  1. Present garment idea
  2. Review materials purchased
  3. Take measurements
  4. Begin pattern development

 Class 2:

  1. Complete pattern
  2. Sew initial sample of garment
  3. Fitting

Class 3:

  1. Make pattern adjustments
  2. Cut actual fabric
  3. Begin sewing final garment

Class 4:

  1. Complete garment
  2. Check fit + complete any final adjustments