21 May 2014


The Spring Fashion Show is at our heels and the studio is abuzz with activity. Under a week until the big day! Looking forward to showing off these amazing creations to family and friends. Send all the good vibes you can – we’ve got a lot to do!


8 May 2014

Stuff You Missed In History Class — Fashion Edition

Podcasts are the perfect companion for a fashion designer. Long nights at the sewing machine can be rough, but an educational podcast provides just the right amount of entertainment to keep you going without distracting you from the task at hand. Stuff You Missed In History Class podcasts are some of my favourites. Always interesting, I thought I’d share some fashion-related episodes — enjoy!

Rose Bertin – The First Fashion Designer

“The legendary wardrobe of Marie-Antoinette has been criticized, envied and discussed to no end. But where did all those glorious clothes come from? In large part, they were the work of Rose Bertin, a milliner who found herself the stylist to the queen.”

The Contentious Invention of the Sewing Machine

“The mechanization of stitching happened by way a series of inventions, several of which finally came together. Though Elias Howe is often credited with inventing the sewing machine, his invention had more to do with the combination of existing ideas.”

18 November 2013

Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in Granville, Normandy, France and was the second of five children. When he was five years old, his family moved to Paris. His family wanted him to be a diplomat however he wanted to be an artist. To make money, he sold fashion sketches outside his house for about 10 cents each. In 1928, he dropped out of school to open a small art gallery with a friend, funded by his parents where they sold Picasso’s artwork. Three years later, the gallery closed when his family’s fertilizer company went bankrupt and could no longer fund him. In 1940, Dior went to war until 1942 when he left the army and worked for Lucien Lelong where he made dresses for Nazi officer’s wives and French collaborators. When the war ended, Dior decided to open his own fashion house on December 8, 1946. His collection was released in 1947 and it was called Corolle which means a circlet of flower petals. He released a perfume called Miss Dior to go along with the designs. Dior’s new take on fashion revolutionized the industry and made Paris the hub of fashion once again. Some of his most significant moments include when he released his first lipstick, called Rouge Dior, in 1953, when he made the cover of Time magazine in 1957, when he created his first masculine scent, Eau Sauvage, in 1966, when he released Baby Dior in 1967, and the creation of the Lady Dior handbag, which Princess Diana took with her everywhere. Unfortunately, he died in 1957 from unknown causes. Now, in 2013, Dior is still extremely successful with their variety of products including purses, makeup, clothing and accessories. It is currently being designed by Raf Simons, and ahas been since April 2012, and the most recent collections are Espirit Dior and Impressions Dior.

The Dior webpage:

Some images:


christiandior-newlook christiandior1a_01 christian_dior_7305_north_623x


9 November 2013

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was born on the 19th of August 1883 in Saumur, France, and died on the 10th of January 1971 in Paris, France. Coco was a french designer and is the founder of the brand “Chanel”.   Coco’s aesthetic was jewellery, hand bags, clothes and perfume.  She was the only fashion designer to appear on the Time Magazine’s “100 most influential people of the 20th century”.  Coco’s company “Chanel” is a company that produces and designs clothes, perfume, skin care products and jewellery.  Coco eliminated corsets from women’s fashion and used “jersey” to make a new, more comfortable “corset”. We think that Coco has very unique designs and that she is a great designer. Some of her most famous designs are:

The Chanel Suit

The Little Black Dress

The Chanel Bag

Here are some pictures:





Here is the link to the Chanel site:
By Corinne & Abby♥