Fashion Design Programs for Kids





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This course was a great learning experince. I really liked that the classes were small, so there was a lot of one on one time with the teacher (Sarah). I also liked that we made patterns, so I can duplicate at home. Sarah is a great teacher and I feel that I learned a lot from this program.


I love everything about this program. It's fun, easy to learn and Sarah is always there to help out any time. Sarah is an amazing teacher because she's very kind, outgoing and I really enjoy working with her! I really liked learning how to draw models, pick the fabric and learning sewing techniques. I love these classes and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!


What I like about the program is we get to make our own dress! I also like how Sarah is so helpful, nice and patient. She is the best multi-tasker I've ever met! This class is so fun to do, I like using the machines and learning things I didn't know before about sewing and fashion. I'd definitely recommend Sarah's class!