15 April 2013

The Final Countdown — 7 weeks til showtime

After a few weeks of holiday interruptions, we’ve entered the final stretch here at RSOF. Students are finishing up their samples and beginning to work with final fabric. It’s a little nerve-wracking because, as veteran students can attest, perfect muslins don’t necessarily equal perfect finished garments.  And your sometimes friend, the seam ripper, can quickly become your worst enemy… Eeeek! But based on what I’ve seen, these students have come such a long way in a short time – I have no doubt they’ll show that seam ripper who’s boss.

In China there’s an expression I like – jiào jiào. It means “add oil” – a reference to mechanics/engines or something – it’s what you yell courtside to cheer on your favourite team and will them that final burst of energy to get the job done. Out of all the vocabulary I remember from my years in China, this one always stuck in my head.  It’s catchy, no?

So to you, students, jiào jiào! We’re going to blow minds at the Fashion Show.

This is Sarah, signing off