24 July 2013




Founded by: Massimo Giorgetti, an Italian born designer

MSGM was put into the top 12 international fashion brands along with: 

Anna Boy, Ganni, Lalesso, LnA, Low Classic, Minimarket, MSGM, Piamita, Sheriff & Cherry, Stradivarius, Tigersushi furs.

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Background Info:

Massimo Giorgetti was born in Rimini Italy in 1977. He developed a passion for fashion at an early age in life, after high school he left behind his qualifications in accounting and began working for important boutiques and show rooms in Riccione. Finally after working for important boutiques and show rooms in 2008 he joined in a partnership with Paolini Group and in 2009 is own brand, MSGM, was born. He uses his admiration for contemporary art, indie music, and street style as some of his inspirations for his brand MSGM.

What We Like About MSGM:

What we like about the brand MSGM is the fun and tasteful use of colour in their clothing.The modern styles Massimo Giorgetti uses in his pieces and the fun designs and patterns he uses to put on his clothing make them very likeable. The colour, design, and style make his brand shine a little bit brighter. We also like the fact that all of Massimo Giorgetti’s pieces seem very wearable and comfortable to do every day things in. He also makes his pieces match up with each other even though they have completely different patterns and opposing colours. He definitely shows that his brand is meant for people who want to be noticed or else his designs wouldn’t be so fun and creative.

Here are some of Massimo Giorgetti’s latest creations from his website: