31 July 2013


What is Haute Couture? 

Haute Couture is a special kind of fashion that is designed and made according to a buyers specific taste and measurements, unlike regular retail stores that have sizes that people can pick and choose from. Couture is special and unique and requires skill to make a couture piece.  It is a true artform.

Here are some examples:

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What makes a garment couture? 

Most pieces of couture fashion are very different then your average day clothes.  They can include embroidery, intricate beading, layers, and crazy colours and patterns. The possibilities are endless!

How much work goes into a couture garment?

Large amounts of time go into making a couture garment or even only a small part of one. Usually 100-150 hours go into the manual part of making a couture garment and the hours can stretch even longer if the garment has embroidery or beading. But that is what makes couture what it is, because it is hand made just for you.

How much would a couture garment cost?

Couture is definitely not cheap. The amount of time that goes into garments definitely deserves a hefty price tag.  Day wear can cost up to 10,000 dollars, while intricate dresses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So only actresses, socialites and people with gigantic pay cheques can really afford couture.

What are some couture brands?

Many designer brands (= designer brand is a high end, luxury brand, which although often features handwork, is still made by machine but with incredible fabrics and detail)

Some of the most famous fashion houses have a couture collection as well as a ready-to-wear collection (= ready-to-wear collections include a particular size range, i.e., not one of a kind clothing like couture) so take a look at some of the most famous couture houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Rochas as well as newer brands like Alexander McQueen (Duchess Kate’s wedding dress was a perfect example of couture — each seamstress had to wash their hands every 30 mins to keep the dress looking bright and new while beading)

Some examples of haute couture: